Open call - dansePlatForma#23

Special edition "Acting for Peace"

Deadline : September 7, 2022

Facing the war in Ukraine, we have decided to cancel the dansePlatForma#23' artists pre-selection which was supposed to take place in June 2022 at the Innovative Cultural Center in Kaluga (Russia).

The second edition will take place in one step in Montpellier in France in January 2023 with performances, public talks, open studio, international meetings, and classes will bring together established and emerging artists from Eastern Europe and France with the participation of Ukraine, Poland and Romania for the second edition. dansePlatForma#23 will be a special edition dedicated to the theme of Acting for peace opening to Ukrainian artists, as well as Russian artists who are dissident or opposed to the war.  

All the artists in 2022 will be selected from the proposals received through the open call :

- one Open Call for Artists from Poland, Romania, and Ukraine

- one Open call for the Russian Artists

Considering the very tense situation that exists today between people, we take more time to bring Ukrainian and Russian artists together.

If you do believe that another way is possible, if you believe in peace through the way of dance as an Universal language between peoples, if you are convinced that only culture can stand up against these barriers and break down these walls.

Please apply to participate at the next program of dansePlatForma.

For Ukrainians :

For Polish :

For Romanians :

For Russians :